What We Sell


The garments sold on this site are primarily vintage or as we like to say "experienced" clothing. This means that they are NOT brand new and may quite possibly show slight signs of character, so if a stitch is out of place or perhaps there is a small imperfection when you receive it please keep this in mind.

 We do our best to inspect each piece of garment to ensure they are of the best vintage quality to date, before we offer them to you. 

We measure our clothing, in inches, while lying flat.

Because our pieces are so delicate, we do not use any cleaning agents on our garments. When you receive your item, we highly encourage you to use the instructions provided in the garment to properly care for them.

Please note that if an item says, "SOLD OUT" it will not return. So why do we keep them on the site? We keep them on the site to show you the type of products we are able to source and also to lend our style advice to you. While you may not be able to purchase a SOLD OUT item, you can use the styling to your advantage. 


Our garments may or may not be ready to wear upon arrival. 


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